Phil & Lui

When Phil + Lui, a German couple determined to create sustainable clothing in a world bursting at the seams with fashion fashion and fleeting trends, contacted me to share their story and I was immediately connected to their unique vision. A line of pieces with a story? An actual purpose? Those are the things that make style so special and important!

p.s. It doesn't hurt that Ben Dahlhaus and Elena Witzeck are so damn cool in this campaign.

Based in Munich, the label is producing meaningful pieces with a flair for urban, utilitarian and conscious fashion. Their first piece, named the "Fjodor", is a reversible t-shirt made with 100% organic and fair-trade materials and aimed to remind you to step back, broaden your view of the world and take it all in. I love the plain side styled with a lot of denim and a hint of relaxed attitude.

I'm so excited to share a bit more about these creative souls soon but I couldn't resist sharing these fun images with you!

Designer: Phil & Lui
Photography: Esra Sam Photography
Production: Katjana Frisch
Models: Ben Dahlhaus and Elena Witzeck
Hair & Makeup: La Jolie

Chelsea Tubbs