On Being Her Mother...


photo by Sleepy Fox Photography

Motherhood is the sweetest and most all-consuming adventure I've even been on. There's something (okay, everything) about being someone's entire world that changes you so much... for the better. For as long as I can remember I've wanted to be a mother. A good mother. The best mother. Totally present and involved with every adventure, heartache and discovery.

My days lately are spent quietly, quaintly, with one eye permanently fixed on almost-four-year-old fingers grabbing things they probably shouldn't be or skinned knees that tell a story of park visits, ballet class and hikes to the creek. I wake each morning to a stream of sunlight filtering through our curtains and my first thought is always, "I wonder how she slept" followed closely by "I wonder how I can make her day memorable and exciting." That's what motherhood is, putting someone else before yourself, even in thought.

Our little Lorelai is so magical! She is sweet and strong willed, fiery and fluid, graceful and totally driven to make incredible leaps, get dirty and PLAY.  She is safe and proud in her own skin, has the craziest and silliest sense of humor and sees the world through such open, accepting and unbiased eyes. She is such an incredible gift from the cosmos, from the universe, from God to me. She is a gift to everyone and makes this world so much sweeter!

Mother's Day is this weekend and while breakfast in bed and extra snuggles mean the world to me, I am just so grateful for an occasion to turn inward and meditate on what it means to be her mommy. I am so very blessed.