Oahu To-Do List

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To say that I'm excited for our trip to Oahu is an understatement! I've never been to Hawaii before and I can't wait for a few days spent lounging in the sun with something cool to sip on and some fun in the waves. By this time next week we'll be on our way to Honolulu and I'm pretty deep into planning it all out / packing for the trip.

We'll be on the island of Oahu for a brief three day extended layover between the mainland and our new island home. So far our plans are shaping up to be mostly relaxing with a bit of activity thrown in for good measure. Since we're pretty sure we'll be back to The Aloha State a couple of times per year, there's no pressure to cram everything in during this particular vacay. We probably won't even make it to the North Shore. We've booked THE CUTEST hotel, The Laylow, and I can't wait to explore the grounds (a cafe, bar/restaurant and live music every night) and lay by the pool.

So far, here's what I have on my must-do list:

- explore The Laylow
- hike Diamond Head National Park and take in the view
- chill out on Waikiki Beach
- enjoy a luau (Lorelai is so excited for this!)
- visit Arvo for coffee
- hunt for treasure at the flea market
- check out the Polynesian Cultural Center
- beat the jetlag

for my suitcase

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