November Mood


Monthly moodboards are my favorite way to get a sense of everything that's striking my fancy right now and honestly, with Pinterest, they kind of make themselves. This month it's pretty clear that I'm inspired by a pretty specific palette and relaxed, quiet vibes. There's just something about November that calls for dreamy hues and introspective hominess, right? I like to think of this time of year as a big excuse to spend more time at home, cozied up with books and my thoughts and a lot of snuggles.

I'm excited to put my nose to the grindstone and get a lot of vacation planning accomplished this month. I've already made good use of Google maps, planned out my packing lists and have decided December is going to be so. exciting! In the meantime, I'm trying to approach the last two months of the year from a zen place. Lots of self-care and minimal holiday stressing (speaking of, click here to see my tips for creating YOUR OWN holiday traditions via The Glitter Guide).

Here's where I need your input... I've already started seeing a lot of holiday content around the web and some of my favorite bloggers are even sharing gift guides already. How do you feel about gift guides? Love them? Hate them? I've really loved doing product roundups for the holidays in the past and would love to continue sharing my gift picks but I'm scrambling to find a way to share that doesn't feel redundant or forced. If you love holiday content, when do you want to see it?

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