New Years Resolutions 2013

The first week of a new year is always a time of reflection for me; a time to look back on what I achieved last year and make lists of things that I hope to accomplish moving forward. I was mildly successful at crossing things off last year's list (see it here) but am totally motivated for 2013. Check out this years list below and let me know what your goals and resolutions for 2013 are!

  1. Blogging and Social Media
  • purchase / blog redesign
  • more frequent and better quality posts (let me know what you want to see!)
  • begin giveaways 
  • improve on communication with my followers and other bloggers!
  • find a niche
  • Health and Fitness
    • make better food choices
    • build a workout wardrobe
    • get some form of exercise in everyday
  • Personal Maintenance
    • make time for a morning / nighttime routine
    • experiment more with my look (hairstyle, makeup, etc)
    • take time to do something for myself everyday
  • Organization and Personal Spaces
    • be diligent with my planner
    • work on decorating and furnishing our bedroom and Lorelai's room 
  • Style
    • invest in good quality basics and staple pieces
    • work on adding more accessories to my wardrobe
    • define my style
    • master my daily arm candy!

    Whew, that's a lot of text! Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming outfit posts and thanks for taking the time to read my goals for 2013...

    images via tumblr and The Atelier