New Years Resolutions

 I'm a notorious New Years Resolution failure. I always resolve to give up this and that, and inevitably spend January 1st-15th trying hard and the rest of the year ignoring my resolutions completely. This year, instead of following suit and setting unrealistic expectations I chose to concentrate on a list of goals for the year.

  1. Learn to cook Asian dishes 
  2. Print business cards
  3. Begin personal fashion posts for Chelsea & The City
  4. Complete each room in the house
  5. Blog redesign
  6. Finally begin an exercise routine
  7. Eat clean. No more soda, more water & start a vitamin regimine
  8. Get my car fixed
  9. Get a cell phone
  10. Learn to unplug
  11. Do more DIY projects
  12. Get up each morning and get dressed
  13. Get another tattoo
  14. Take better care of my hair

Cheers to the New Year and may 2012 be paved with completed resolutions!

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