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Whew! Before getting hit with a cold and being stuck in bed all week, I was on a major roll creating content for this space. Checking out of the rat race and focusing in on the things that make me feel fulfilled has really helped me rededicate my time to this little old blog of mine. That said, I'm pretty excited for everything that's still to come for Hazel + Scout. There are few things brewing behind the scenes and I have even more ideas that I'd love to run by you. Some new and noteworthy things happening right now:

We're hiring interns! I've been brainstorming ways to create even more meaningful content and growing the Hazel + Scout team seems like the perfect way to achieve this. Steering the narrative away from me and honing in on bigger ideas sounds like a really welcomed change for the site and I hope you think so too. I would love to connect with a few ladies that are looking to start a conversation with one post per week about what it means to be a woman living in the world today, defining personal style, navigating motherhood, experimenting with wellness, etc. and introduce you to some new voices. Do you know someone who fits the bill? Are you looking to freelance a little? Read more here for information about the program!

Interviews and home tours - I constantly find myself inspired by the stories of women and the spaces they create to live and/or work in and sharing inspiring rooms has become a true love of mine recently. I've been throwing around the idea of introducing some kind of interview series for years and although I don't yet have all of the details ironed out, I'd love to just dive in and figure it out as I go. There's a short list of women I'm dying to learn more about but please, don't hesitate to reach out and suggest your favorite inspiring ladies or questions that you want answered. 

New hobbies - Ainsworth and I have picked up a few new hobbies since changing our zip code. With fewer distractions and zero commute time, we have to fill up the hours somehow! We bought a brand new stand up paddle board and although we've only been out on the water once, I'm excited to spend more time mastering the sport. We also invested in a new GoPro and I can totally see some underwater filming in our future.

Summer is almost over! Can you believe it's almost August? I can't. It seems like Summer just started but before you know it we'll be well into Fall. School starts in less than a month (hooray!) and I officially have a first grader. I've been thinking a lot about what the transition in between seasons will be like for us. The weather won't change here and things will look the same year round... perpetual Summer. Hopefully there's a way to stay relevant while the rest of the world is celebrating crisp leaves and Autumn nights. If nothing else, I'll be good for a little wanderlust!

What's new with you?!

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