6 Ways To Freshen The Air In Your Home for Spring

Spring is officially in full swing! We've had a string of beautifully warm days and I'm so excited for this particular change of seasons: better weather, more hours to play with my family and a fresh take on life in general. It was a long, frigid Winter and I'm all for anything and everything fresh after those chilly months spent bundled up with the windows closed!

Since we've recently moved into our new home, I've been making smalls steps to freshen things up a little bit. There's always lingering energy (and a few lingering odors) when someone has lived in your space. This home was no exception but I've since found my favorite ways to freshen it up.

Keep reading for my to six ways to create fresh air:

H O U S EP L A N T S // I have a black thumb and I'm the first one to admit it! I've gone through tons of different house plants and I'm still learned to keep them alive but adding a little green to our space has made such a difference both in air quality and visual impact. Our fiddle leaf fig tree (her name is Figgy Azalea) is the most perfect statement plant and keeps things fresh in our family room. So far, I haven't had any problems taking care of her! Succulents are some of my favorite plants for their resilience (even though I've managed to neglect a few of those as well) and unique look. Don't have mother nature's nurturing side (me either)? A snake plant (also known as "mother in laws tongue" HA!) is perfect!

* tip: I water our fiddle leaf fig once a week on Sundays, dust her leaves once every two weeks and keep her in indirect but bright sunlight. So far, so good!

D I F F U S I N GE S S E N T I A LO I L S // Diffusing is my newest obsession! I've been dying to give oil diffusing a shot for the longest time and this aroma diffuser and humidifier from Vanity Planet has been the perfect introduction to the craze. I accumulated quite the collection of oils (especially after concocting perfumes in New Orleans last year) and matching the scent to my mood or particular needs each day has become such a precious part of my day. I love the way sweet oils waft through the air and linger for hours. This diffuser, a fun addition to our home, uses ultrasonic vibrations to create a vapor of water and oils, purifying and perfuming the air without heating or damaging the oils’ soothing properties.

* Vanity Planet is offering Hazel + Scout readers and exclusive %50 off discount on my favorite aroma diffuser.  Be sure to use coupon code HSDIFFUSE at checkout to snag your own for only $30.

H I M A L A Y A NS A L TL A M P // I swear by pink salt lamps! The warm glow from these babies is like a permanent open window and salt lamps are known to emit negative ions that our bodies and spaces need in order to be in balance. The whole thing sounds a little hippy dippy, trust me I know, but I really do feel a difference in the energy of our home when I have ours lit up. Other benefits of salt lamps include: deodorizing the air,  reducing allergy symptoms, increasing energy, aiding sleeps, getting rid of static electricity and looking pretty!

S M U D G I N G // I've touted my love for saging and smudge sticks MANY times before but I can't help it, I love this magical routine. I even smudged with my girls seconds before walking down the aisle on our wedding day. You can read all about the practice here. Bonus: there's nothing better than the smell of sage.

C A N D L E S // A classic stand-by... scented candles are always there for me in a pinch. My favorites come from Anthropologie!

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