My Picks: Zara Home

I've been waiting (somewhat impatiently) for the stateside launch of Zara Home for quite a while and I am beyond pleased with its recent online debut! The "fast fashion" powerhouse, Zara, applies its knowledge of trendiness and what makes a staple item to the new line of home decor pieces I can't get enough of the luxe details. Faux fur? Check. Gold? Check. Cheeky skulls, studded toiletries and industrial touches? Check, check, check. Which items are you dying for?

  1. Pub Stool
  2. Vernon Tea Pot
  3. Paula Magnifying Glass
  4. Montze Globe
  5. Punk Flatware
  6. Hanna Bathroom Set
  7. Lars Decorative Cage
  8. Yeti Throw
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