My Picks: Sick Day Survival Guide

It may be my Springtime allergies coming to call or it could be that our weekend pool outing was met with rain (and Loreali was just too excited to stop swimming), but I'm definitely feeling under the weather! Sore throat? I got it. Runny nose? You betcha. That crazy underwater feeling? Check. While cold season doesn't make for the chicest of outfits, these are the things that are keeping this girl sane (and stylish) in spite of the sniffles:

  1. Nyquil Cold & Flu - I can only stomach the red flavor and Dayquil does nothing for me.
  2. Talenti Gelato - What feels better on a sore throat than ice cream? That's right, nothing. With flavors like Double Dark Chocolate (my fave!), Caramel Cookie Crunch, Blood Orange & Sea Salt Caramel, how could you not indulge?
  3. Zara Home Marta Flatware - A little fancy for your gelato...
  4. Equipment Liliane Washed-Silk Pajama Set - Nothing makes me feel better than a cute new pajama set and this Equipment version comes in my favorite color combo (pink & red) and has a few stars to brighten your foggy day.
  5. Sur La Table Copper Tea Kettle (similar) - Tea is good for the soul, and for the cold. I like a peppermint blend to help with a runny nose (too much info?) and detox tea when I'm feeling extra motivated to get better.
  6. Tory Burch Elandia Hardshell iPhone Case - What would I do without my phone? Load up on a few cool apps and wait for your Nyquil to kick in. Instagram, Pinterest and tumblr are my choices for wasting the day away.
  7. Zara Home Ostrich Appointment Book - Those who can't do, plan.
  8. Roman Holiday - Audrey makes me happy. End of story.
  9. Arianna Belle Les Touches Black Pillow - Great for mid-morning naps and looks great in any room. Double score!

I've got a giveaway in store for my lovely readers this week so check back over the next couple of days! In the meantime, how do you battle a cold?

image via Fashion's Most Wanted