My Picks: Rainy Day Essentials

The last couple of days have been full of drizzle, not to mention a disaster for my hair! While the downpour does put a damper (pun intended) on some of the fun, I happen to love rainy days. Cozy layers, cute boots, an excuse to cuddle with loved ones all day? I'll take it. Cheery, buttery yellows help bring a little sunshine to your life and puddle-jumping wellies are a great running around shoe (trust me, you don't want to wear your heels in the rain!) for getting all of your usual errands done. If you're brave enough, grab your favorite travel guide and explore your city on a less-than-sunny day. Everything looks cleaner and a little dreamy amidst the droplets.

  1. Burberry London Embellished Mid-Length Trench Coat
  2. Equipment Brett Washed-Silk Shirt
  3. J Crew Biennial Satchel in Citron
  4. J Crew Keeper Chambray Shirt
  5. J Crew City Mini in Rip-Stop Cotton
  6. Original Hunter Boots in Chartreuse
  7. The New York Times 36 Hours
  8. J Crew Tortoise and Brass Link Bracelet

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