My Picks: Madewell

Happy Monday! Lately I've had on my J Crew blinders and haven't paid a visit to it's younger, cheekier sister-site Madewell. One of the best feelings in the world is returning to a store that you love after a long break to find a million new pieces (#shoppingaddictproblems) and Madewell's most recent crop of items are just perfect! I've been gravitating towards staples lately (stripes, chambray and easy pullover tops) and this selection is a modern and updated take on the classics.

At the beginning of Spring I set out on a challenge of sorts. I gave myself sixty days and counted every day during which it rained. The point of this test was to figure out whether it rained more days than were dry in Central Florida and I've come to the conclusion that Gainesville is the new Seattle! My reward to counting rainy days? Since it rained during half of the Spring I'm going to invest in a pair of Hunters! Now to chose a color...

  1. Studio Sweater in Tropical Love
  2. Hunter Packable Wellies
  3. Striped Downtown Skirt (on sale!)
  4. Sleeveless Chambray Shirt
  5. Linen Studio Sweater
  6. Marine Stripe Tanksuit 
  7. Baja Stripe Skirt
  8. The Sidewalk Skimmer in Tearose (on sale!)
  9. Textured Sweater (on sale!)
  10. Neon Boucle Skirt