My Picks: Anniversary Weekend

Mr. Jackson and I are celebrating five years together at the end of the month and I'm in full-on planning mode for our quick weekend getaway to St. Augustine. I'm excited to spend a few days exploring the gorgeous coastal town with my mister and can't wait to unwind in the sand! Always the over-packer, I decided to get a leg up on the process and put together the quintessential weekend wardrobe. A nautical color palette with easy to mix pieces is perfect for limited luggage space (I'll be using my favorite vintage LV duffel) and a combination of dressy and casual items makes dressing a no-brainer.

I'm so lucky to have found such a wonderful and supportive man and look forward to the next five (or fifty) years!

What would you do on a romantic weekend getaway? If you've ever been to St. Augustine, what do we just HAVE to see?