Monthly Goals + Moodboard

Pinch, Punch, The Second Of The Month! (I meant to post this yesterday but life is, as always, quite hectic)

Thank God for Novembers, they keep me sane. The Halloween craziness has passed (we had a pretty fun time bar hopping with friends over the weekend and trick or treated with Lo until well past her bedtime on Monday) and there's a little bit of a break before my birthday and the holidays. The air is (supposed to be) crisp and the leaves are crunchy. Sweaters are atop my wishlist and at the forefront of my closet. Things feel fresh, new and full of possibility. It really is a magical time.

Lately I've been feeling a little introspective and slightly melancholy but I'm blaming it on how overwhelmed with ideas I have been. Where do I even start? With monthly goals and a little gumption, naturally.

start new projects // Without sharing too many details, I've been thinking pretty hard about a couple of big things recently. One idea is something that will take me some time to achieve and the other is something a little more immediately attainable. I'm still in the planning stages but I want to make this space somewhere with a little more purpose. I hoping to launch a project about feminism, motherhood, womanhood and success in 2017. It's a big undertaking but this month I'm hoping to carve out time to get the ball rolling. Keep you posted.

re-enroll in school // This is something I've also been giving a lot of thought and it goes hand in hand with the bigger project I've been simmering on the back burner lately. I left college pretty abruptly after a bought of crazy social anxiety when I left home at 18. It's not something I've ever talked about on the internet but I'm getting to the point in my life (maybe done with babies... who knows... and ready for the next adventure) where going back to school is necessary. I may not make it into school right away but I want to at least meet with an advisor and discuss my options this month!

have a peaceful visit home // We're headed to Washington D.C. for the Thanksgiving holiday and I want to make sure I do everything in my power to make it a fun and memorable trip. In this same vein, I hope to host a small Friendsgiving this year!

blog more regularly // This is pretty self explanatory. This year I declared myself a "slow-blogger" aka not on a post per day schedule like years past and I think it's started deterring me from sharing at all. I often let this space slide when other things begin piling up and I want to make a bigger concerted effort to maintain Hazel + Scout this month. I miss our connection and sharing fun/pretty things!

stop the cycle of compassion // Oh social media, you toxic little minx. I tend to go in and out of periods of social overload and lately endless scrolling has put me in a pretty negative place. This month I need to disconnect and stop comparing my life, career, home, relationships, etc. to everyone else's highlight reel. Can we start a conversation about this? How have you been coping? Have you ever quit cold turkey? Would you?

Before hitting publish on this little roundup I thought it might be fun to revisit my goals from September. I've been doing a pretty good job at creating boundaries but there's definitely farther to go. I've had some amazing moments of zen and got back into freelance styling in a small way (so. many. ideas.) with one shoot under my belt over the last two months. Ainsworth and I had an amazing anniversary in Nashville (check out our sweet airbnb and anniversary shoot)! All in all, I did pretty well keeping my goals and I'm excited to get to work on some things this month!

What are your November goals?


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