Mission: Possible


I tweeted sometime last week that I had a new major wardrobe goal: to only purchase good-quality, neutral colored basics and to weed the random color pieces from places like Forever 21 completely out. If I manage to accomplish this, I'll be left with a wardrobe of items that can be flawlessly mixed and matched with little effort.  I have a bad habit of stumbling into cheaper retailers and stocking up on trendy pieces that look cute to me at the time but don't make sense in my personal aesthetic and I end up kicking myself later for not holding out for the more expensive classics. What helps keep me on a specific path while shopping? When shopping in actual stores I always load up my iTouch with photos that are inspiring me at the moment and periodically flip through them to keep me focused. When online shopping (I prefer to shop at home!) I always refer back to some inspiration pictures and muddle over my purchases for a few days before committing.

images via Pinterest