Mindfulness in 2016

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I've been putting off this post for nearly three weeks and the time has finally come to sit down with my goals and prepare for the year ahead. There was something extremely daunting about the task this time around and I think it might be because 2015 was a huge year! Within the span of twelve short months Ainsworth and I tied the knot, I took on a huge amount of creative work, Lorelai grew in ways we still can't wrap our heads around and I found a new career path. Needless to say, all of these developments were incredible but the year left me feeling a little exhausted. That said, I'm ready to take on 2016 with gusto!

It seems like the creation of resolutions lists is a tradition that's falling by the wayside. These days I'm much more inclined to fixate on a single theme for the months ahead and this year is all about mindfulness. This year my goal is to be mindful of everything; of what goes into my body, of the ways I am spending my time, of the things I am teaching my daughter (both intentionally and unconsciously) and of everything I do and participate in that will somehow shape my life in 2016. It's a big undertaking but I'm excited to put mindfulness into practice.

Keep reading for a few ways I am remaining mindful...


I have a nasty habit of letting the hours slip by as I daydream or scroll through Pinterest. While I know that there are many more things I could be doing with my time, I tend to let leisurely hour-killing reign supreme in the grand scheme of my days. This year I'm resolving to be mindful of my vices and fill my time with tasks that do my family and I more good. Where before I may have used a spare hour or two to indulge in a Bravo marathon and inspiration gathering, I am vowing to GSD (get shit done). This year I'm planning on being more efficient and productive with time leftover for one or two Real Housewives of Atlanta binge sessions, of course.


With my eyes on the prize of bigger and better accomplishments, I've let self care go out the window lately. Whether it was committing to a solid skin care routine or taking the time to nourish my soul with music and passion, I pushed aside things meant for my benefit and invested time into other ventures (family, friendships, work...) in 2015. This year I've resolved to make myself number one on my priority list by adopting habits meant to invest back into me. On the agenda: more time spent discovering new music, a vanity overhaul (my skin is MAJOR need of rehab), a renewed relationship with my yoga mat and lots of hydration. Over all I am vowing to be mindful of the things that go into and onto my body, the media I take in that will nourish my spirit and the experiences I create for myself. I'm also dreaming of streamlining my wardrobe and taking a girls trip abroad.



More than anything I hope to be mindful of my family and put as much energy as possible into making every day count with my husband, daughter and sister. I have been so lucky to have the three of them exist within my world every day and this year I'm investing more time into meaningful connections. More dates nights, more quality time, more teaching moments. 

It's shaping up to be quite the year and I'm ready for it! What are you focusing on in 2016?

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