May Mood


It's a brand new month and, thanks to finally sharing our big news yesterday, I'm feeling light and free! It's so nice to get the news off of my chest and have everything out in the open. You guys were so sweet about the whole thing and I genuinely want to hug each and every one of you for your kind words and excitement. Everything is looking sunny (except for the weather... we're right in the middle of the heaviest rainy season). I'm starting to get excited for our upcoming extended trip to California and things are looking up pregnancy-symptom-wise. Every day I feel a little better than I did before. Hello, second trimester, it's nice to finally see you!

This month I'm pulling inspiration from sun-soaked spaces, Sarah Shabacon's feature in Mother Muse, and thinking about all of those warm (but not humid... thank god!) Cali spring/summer days that are coming soon. What's on your moodboard?!

As always, I source the images for my monthly mood from my recent pins. To see what I'm pinning and to explore these photos a little more, head over to Pinterest.