Finding balance on this blog is a constant challenge! I often wonder if you're in it solely for the outfit posts and shopping inspiration or if you care to follow along on my personal journey as well. Since this little corner of the internet is supposed to be for channeling my creativity and documenting my life I thought I'd give a different type of post a shot. 

I've coupled this wordy little post with an outfit, so feel free to scroll down if lengthy prose aren't your cup of tea...

I've got a problem: I'm constantly finding inspiration and getting motivated but have ZERO follow through. For me, Spring and Summer bring about the desire to do better be better. There are so many things I am grateful for (a wonderful family, time to explore the world of blogging, etc) and so much more that I hope to accomplish! I find that putting my goals out into the universe is the best way of holding myself accountable to them. 

Here's what I'm excited to accomplish:
- blog redesign + branding
- invest in a better camera (this will mean better quality images and hopefully some video content for CATC!)
- spend my downtime more wisely (less internet surfing, more Lo & Mommy bonding)
- spend more time CREATING
- curate a space where I can be comfortable and productive
- make CATC more interactive (I see collaborations, link-ups and fun hashtags on the horizon)
& put more effort into establishing healthy habits (restart yoga practice + eat cleaner)

+ just putting this one out into the cosmos: I would like for Mr. Jackson and I to finally get engaged this year. ;)

Since the Summer days are getting longer and we have a couple more hours to get things done, I've decided to tackle my goals head-on! Here's where you come in: I'd love to know what your goals are (either long-term or things you can accomplish today)! I'll be using #makeithappen on Instagram and Twitter (here & here) and I'd love for you to join me! Be sure to include #makeithappen & #catc and @ me when snapping photos or writing tweets. I'll be posting a few of my favorite accomplishments (big and small) here on the blog!

Good luck my lovelies and #makeithappen!

p.s. If you managed to read this far you deserve a cookie. "You get a cookie, you get a cookie and you get a cookie!" Who else misses Oprah?!

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