Lou & Grey

I haven't ventured into LOFT in quite a while and I don't think I've ever gone as far as to purchase something from the store. I have no specific reason to boycott the brand but I'm never pulled in when I'm wandering around our shopping center. This week I was working with a personal styling client (Do you need my help with outfits? I'll be posting more soon but feel free to email me at chelsea@chelseaandthecity.com for inquiries) and I stumbled upon something that may have me hitting up my local LOFT more often.

Lou & Grey is a LOFT offshoot that focuses on "clothing for a comfortably confident life", something I can definitely get behind. With wardrobe staples galore (shirt-dresses, comfortable v-necks & simple lines) in a cool neutral palette, what started off as LOFT's line of lounge pieces has evolved into a full-blown edited capsule collection of texture-rich pieces for everyday.

Are you a fan of LOFT? Will you be stopping by a little more too?

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