Livin' On A Wing and A Prayer

I never leave home without winged liner! It's my go-to makeup look for two reasons: 1) it's super easy to execute and 2) it's classic and appropriate for day and night with no adjustment. The wing (or cat-eye) is fabulous for making eyes appear deeper set and sexier in that mischievous cat-woman way that I tend to favor. Look below for the super easy details!

  1. Use your favorite jet black liner (I love Lancome's Art Liner in Noir for precise lines that won't travel during the day) to trace your upper lash line, ending just where your eyelid stops.
  2. With the same liner and beginning where your first line left off, flick the eyeliner upwards (how big your wing is should coincide with how dramatic you want your cat-eye to be) creating a sharp slant.
  3. Connect both lines by lightly filling in any gaps.
  4. Either apply two coats of your favorite mascara (I'm still searching for my favorite!) and curl lashes, or apply one coat, curl and add fake eyelashes for extra drama. Try the Little Flirt Lash by Benefit

images via tumblr and pinterest