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Since we've been home for a few days and are finally getting back into the swing of things, this Fashion Friday for the girls at Live Lean focuses on my mission for the week: reorganizing my wardrobe/closet. Think about it: your closet is the place where all of your clothes live, it's the first impression you get of your clothes when you go to get dressed and ultimately, it sets the tone for how you feel about what you're going to wear. I can't tell you how many times I've walked into my closet (packed with clothes and nothing having its own place) and complained that I have absolutely nothing to wear (when I know it's totally not true)! The key to maximizing the pieces in your wardrobe is being able to see them and visualize how they will go together. Follow these steps to clean, reorganize and maximize your closet:

  1. Paring down: Sift through every item in your closet and organize into four different piles (items you wear often, things you haven't worn in a while but still love, clothes to sell/donate and clothes to discard). Next, fold, hang and organize everything that will go in your new closet and cart off the rest.
  2. Placing Items: Hang garments (arrange things in order based on color and function), arrange shoes (shoes should be seen, not stored in boxes, so that you can visualize a complete outfit before you chose) and display accessories (necklaces can be stored on hooks instead of in boxes, scarves hanged on tie hangers, etc).
  3. Assess Your Wardrobe: Take into account all of the pieces that you have and note any missing essentials that you'll need. Keep a running list (in your closet or somewhere more convenient) for shopping when necessary.
  4. Maintain: Take the extra time to put pieces back where they go and tidy your closet throughout the week so a big overhaul is only necessary once.

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