Let's Catch Up!


Long time, no talk. Have you forgotten about me already? The last couple of weeks have been a little bit nuts (I got a terrible case of bronchitis that left me in bed for a whole week, got really behind on a bunch of work that I'm just starting to get on top of, wrapped up a class and am working on BIG things that I can't wait to share with you). Needless to say, I got a bit pulled away from this space but this is me stopping in to tell you that I've missed you!

I'm already getting excited about our Summer return to the States and can't wait to spend a couple of months (maybe more!) in the California sun. Paradise with plentiful eating-out opportunities and no humidity? I'm stoked... especially for In N Out. I also really want to find an epic SoCal photographer and get some updated family photos taken. Hopefully, I'll be able to see some of you in person (finally), explore new neighborhoods and spend some much-needed family time. We may even head to Disneyland and I happen to know someone who is SUPER excited about it!

Even though it's been pretty quiet around here lately, I wasn't completely dead to the online world. Here are some posts you might have missed:

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Contributing to two different sites that I LOVE (and one more coming soon) has been so much fun and it definitely keeps me really busy but I never want to let this space suffer content-wise. Right now I'm working out the best way to balance it all and still have time to spend unplugged. It's hard but it'll be worth it to work out a good system.

It's funny, sometimes this space seems like a landing page for everything I'm doing elsewhere or a creative outlet for me to share what's inspiring me but other times (like today) it feels like some kind of digital diary. I guess that's the beauty of blogging, isn't it? I'm excited to jump into other kinds of content (maybe some more video?!), get the book club up and running and work to make this space something mor cohesive. Here's goes nothing!

How have you been lately? What's new?

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