Brand Love: Land Of Women

Real women have curves... and dimples and bumps and bones and muscles and so on and so forth.

I'm a big proponent of bodies... all kinds of bodies. I'm an equal opportunity supporter of women and their right to own the space that they take up in the world and the bodies they use to occupy that space. I love seeing all kinds of women represented in the media and in the fashion sphere and it's always a breath of fresh air when I discover a brand that so clearly and fully supports that vision.

The Land of Women is a collection of parred down lingerie meant for women of all shapes, sizes and ages. Each piece looks comfy and practical and their ethos speaks for itself. The line's tagline pretty much says it all, "Land of Women is lingerie for the sport of womanhood."

I've been so refreshed to see ads for the brand pop up on my social media feeds in recent months and read articles circulating about their groundbreaking use of a breastfeeding mother in their billboard ads (in my opinion, visible breastfeeding shouldn't be groundbreaking but we're definitely make small steps to 'free the nipple' and de-sexualize women and I'M HERE FOR IT).

I've talked a little about body positivity in recent months and I have definitely felt something in me shift as I settle into the later half of my twenties. I feel freer in my own body now than I have in the past and I think there's a direct correlation to the media I consume and representations of all kinds of women happening right now. The Land of Women is one of those brands creating visibility for women and I'm all for it!

StyleChelsea Tubbs