Welcome To Hazel + Scout (again)

photo by Nicole Mason

Late night website refreshes seem to happen frequently around here but they rarely disappoint me! I braved the moving chaos and slipped out into the big bad world to (finally!) meet a friend for a much needed coffee yesterday. We eventually got to talking about her exciting new business ventures and what blogging has been like for me during these last couple of years. It's funny to think but a little bit of introspection, a latte and some outside perspective was just the thing I needed to breathe a little life back into Hazel + Scout. I'm feeling reinvigorated and ready to dive back in with fervor!

I've been somewhat uninspired for at least a couple of months (maybe even longer) when it comes to blogging. I think that's been pretty apparent in the dwindling number of posts and near radio silence on social media. This site has grown up with me and naturally, it's been through a lot of different iterations over the past six years. From daily OOTDs by a sartorially confused twenty-something to big styling projects. From wedding planning to figuring out what it's like to be closer to thirty than to my teens. I've blogged about motherhood and holiday sales, experiencing loss and scoring the best deal on vintage Levis. Needless to say, it's been all over the place and yet I'm SO grateful that you continue to come back. I finally feel like I have a good feel for the way I want to utilize this space on the web.

With a big move ahead of us promising an inspiring new locale and a lot of time to dedicate back to this space, I'm excited to approach blogging with a more refined idea of what Hazel + Scout should be! I'm looking forward to continuing to get more personal and share more family life here. There will likely be a ton more travel guides as we'll be closer to a few tropical destinations (we're already planning a Hawaii trip in just a few weeks), some food and beauty posts and a lot of beach frolicking. I'll always share style, living, motherhood, home and travel content as often as inspiration strikes me with something I think you might be interested in. Of course, if you ever think of something you want to see here I would LOVE to know! Please feel free to shoot me an email anytime at hazelandscout.com with ideas or questions. I truly love getting your emails and comments.

This brings me to the blog's new look!  I'm working hard to re-categorize the archives and make it easier to navigate the site. If you visit the new home landing page you'll see my latest and most popular posts as well as a few of my picks from the blog. You can also view posts by category either from the home page or using the navigation bar at the top of the page. Don't worry, you can always access the blog in a chronological feed format. I've done a little sprucing and streamlined the about section too. You can find my current favorites and frequent visits in the shop and I've been adding summer pieces like a mad-woman lately! There are a lot of pieces I have my eye on.

Since it never hurts to be inspired, I can usually be found religiously updating Pinterest boards with the new things that catch my eye. Honestly, I spend most of my online time browsing and sharing there and there's always something new to fall in love with. Instagram is the best way to stay up to date with me on the daily and if you're looking for tunes head over this spotify playlist for 8+ hours of music that currently encapsulates my beach-ready vibe.

I'm hard at work on a weekly newsletter that'll launch soon and getting my blog listed on Bloglovin'. It's been a process but give it a shot and let me know if this link works for you:

As always, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being part of the most amazing hobby and personal project that I've embarked on to date. I truly do love blogging and sharing with you on Hazel + Scout. Cheers to the new new!