June Mood + Soundtrack

Oh hey June, fancy seeing you here! It's officially Summer and the June Gloom has set in. Things are hot and sticky (something we should really get used to since our new island home is 87 degrees and 80% humidity every single day), we saw the first fireflies of the season in our yard last night and schools out for Summer. The beach is calling me and I've already started collecting easy reads perfect for laying out all day.

This week was a big one as far as to-do lists are concerned. We made arrangements to give the keys to our rental house back to the owner, bought our plane tickets for Hawaii and finally received an official moving date... in two weeks. We'll be in Honolulu from the 15th to the 19th and then we're crossing the international date line for good on the 20th. I can hardly believe that we'll be making our way home to another country in just two short weeks. June is going to be a big exciting month! Now to get everything in order and kick most of our belongings to the curb...

A few things I'm currently inspired by:

tropical settings
minimal summer wardrobe staples perfect for our endless summer
kids at play
relaxing beach scenes
the same old neutral color palette with a little burnt orange and golden yellow thrown in (I'm branching out, look at me!)
researching things to get up to on the island of Oahu (any suggestions?)

Taking a cue from one of my all-time favorite reads (if you don't follow her Insta stories you're NUTS... go do it and thank me later!) Bev Cooks, I'm delving back into monthly playlists on Spotify. Recently I've been building giant master playlists but I think it'll be so nice to set the scene for each month with some tunes. Head over and give June a listen, won't you?!

*p.s. Lo lost her front tooth today! How crazy is it that I have an almost six year old with a lisp and major tooth gap? I'm loosing my shit over here!