In-Flight Essentials

Today I'm boarding a plane (for the first time sans little one since Lorelai was born) for Los Angeles and I'm beyond excited for six uninterrupted hours of peace and quiet! Truth be told, I love to fly. I like settling in with nowhere else to be for a while so that I can catch up on magazine reading, work and a little day dreaming.

I went through a unrivaled period of over-packing for airline travel (I'm talking a bag so heavy that my shoulders ached) and I barely reached for all of the little things I decided were necessities while still on the ground. I've finally found my carry-on sweet spot! My laptop is a must (partly because I don't want it to get broken in my checked luggage... remember the baby shampoo disaster of 2012?) for sneaking in some photo-editing and blog post drafting, same goes for my camera. A comfy scarf/throw is great for that chilly recycled air as are headphones to ward of chatty neighbors. Finally, the reading material. Domino magazine is finally back and I've been saving their latest issue for this very occassion.

Bon Voyage my lovelies!

Chelsea Tubbs