I'm Thankful For...

thankful I am thankful for a wonderful little family of my own making. And for the family I've had my whole life.

I am thankful for their support and love. That they let me express myself, explore my dreams and chase my whims.

I am thankful for an honorable, hard-working, handsome man to call my own. I am thankful for his hugs of reassurance and unyielding encouragement.

I am thankful for a beautiful, healthy and happy little girl with which to spend my days re-learning this world of ours. I could not fathom loving any one human being more than I love Lorelai and I am one lucky momma.

I am thankful for you. Thankful for this little space and how it's grown/growing.

I'm wishing you the happiest Thanksgiving!

xo -

image via fromme-toyou