Why I Eliminated Color From My Wardrobe

note: Whew! We're back from NYC and I've got plans to dive back into blogging with vengeance. Thanks for your patience these last couple of months filled with wanderlust.

There's something freeing about having a uniform...

If you've been reading along for a while you had a front row seat to the weeding out of all the color in my wardrobe over the last couple of years. Something in me finally clicked and I realized that life is so much easier (for me) when my closet consists of mix-n-match staples in neutral colors that I can pair together with little effort. Since I work both from home (freelancing and blogging) and in a sparkly, romantic environment (at Finery), I spend so much time taking in inspiring images and saturated color. The constant influx of color can be overwhelming! I like to keep my wardorbe and my surroundings pretty minimal to give my head a little break. Bear in mind, reaching for a uniform of black staples doesn't have to be boring. I have fun with fashion by injecting little doses of trendiness (off the shoulder tops and western inspired chokers to name a few) and a little bit of attitude.

Chelsea Tubbs