5 Good Things

Things have a tendency to get a little whiny in the blogosphere and I'm totally guilty of being part of the problem (the weekend was hard, the weather is bad, I can't find that amazing pair of shoes we've all been lusting for... the usual suspects). I thought it might be a good idea to inject a little bit of positivity into this space with five good things every once in a while.

1. I've been re-committing myself to skincare with brand new Glossier products that make my face feel super soft and taken care of. I'm actually a little obsessed with the brand and have been soaking up their story (and moisturizer) every chance I get. I've been loving listening to CEO (and founder of Into The Gloss) Emily Weiss tell-all on my favorite podcasts. In need of new skincare basics? Look no further than glossier.

2. Speaking of podcasts, I've traded in tunes for talk radio and am LOVING it. I listen to podcasts driving to and from work, getting things done around the house and in my spare time at the shop. Stay tuned for a round up of my favorites!

3. Lately I've been tempted to try my hand at photography. It seems like the logical next step in the blogging, styling, photography saga and I'm excited for the new challenge. I recently realized that although I've had a lot of fun working with talented creative types, when you want something done you have to do it yourself. It can be so hard to relay a feeling or vibe you want to capture and things would be much easier if I could be the one doing that capturing. Luckily, I'm the resident in-house photographer and videographer for Finery which gives me a lot of freedom to experiment and develop my style. Wish me luck!

4. I finally got around to hanging our wedding blanket from Morocco! This past weekend I busted out the hammer and tacked up my favorite Moroccan treasure right over our bed. I love being able to look around our home and see little pieces from our trip. Eyeing a handira of your own? We pick up a couple of extras and are selling them here!

5. On a more serious note, so many sad and terrible things have been happening in our world lately. A lot of things have made me fearful our our nation's future and the safety of my family. As a country, we're in an incredibly vulnerable place right now but I have seen such an outpouring of courage, love and goodness rise from the ashes of a devastating time. There are hope and big amounts of love and those things make me so happy!

Now it's your turn... what five good things are making you happy right now?

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