How To Survive the Holidays

Now that we're well into November (where is this year going, seriously?!) it's time to start obsessing about the holidays... after all, it's my favorite time of year! With Thanksgiving (or the new-to-us concept of "Friendsgiving") right around the corner, my brain is filled to the brim with gift lists, turkey recipes and that special kind of brain fog that only comes when the weather starts to chill and shops start proudly displaying holiday decor. Don't judge me (it's okay, I'm judging me) but we already weaved Christmas lights throughout our back patio and lined up our stockings just so. I've taking to telling everybody it was because of Lorelai's request but the truth is, one month is just not enough time for holiday spirit.

Even though this season can be exciting, it can also be incredibly easy to stress out and become overwhelmed. My biggest challenge during this time of year is always trying to remember to savor the experience, soak up the joy and make the most of cheer, holiday parties and the way Lo's little face lights up on Christmas morning. Here's what I'm constantly trying to do:

celebrate the season // Fall & Winter are so magical! Where there was once sticky weather and the feeling that any amount of clothes was too much, there are now chunky fall knits, the scent of a chill in the air and the promise of snow. My favorite fruits and veggies are in season (apple + pumpkin everything!) and the world has never looked more beautiful. Although it's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of presents, trimmings and family, try to remember that this time of year is a gift!

think like a child // There is nothing quite like experiencing the holidays through the eyes of a child. Ever since Lorelai joined our little family, this season has meant so much more than it did in previous years. Everything is new and exciting again and it's my responsibility (read: honor) to make sure everything is just as magical as it can possibly be. Try to celebrate this time as though you are looking through three-year-old glasses. Enjoy festive music/movies (no matter how cheesy), get excited for Christmas morning and savor each winter day with excitement... they're fleeting!

make time for yourself // When the wind gets dry and the urge to hibernate sets in your mind, body & soul need extra pampering. I know how hard it can be to juggle gift-shopping, holiday baking and hopping from one event to another but remember to take time to care for yourself. An extra nourishing soak, an indulgent moisturizer or a few minutes to collect your thoughts and reflect are all perfect ways to freeze time and not get lost in the shuffle.

create a nest at home // Something about this time of year makes me want to snuggle up and spend as much time in our home as possible. With holiday decorations already cropping up in our space and frightful temperatures starting outside, I'm finding it all the more appealing inside. Add festive vignettes here and there and really nurture your home during these few months of celebration. It'll be nice to have a cozy safe-haven to retreat to once all of those cocktail parties have come to a halt each night.

get organized //  The hardest part about Thanksgiving & Christmas (or whatever celebrations you have around the corner) is staying organized. Since I'm definitely a type-A personality, my day planner, iCal and tons of lists are my saviors during the holidays! I keep track of everything from people to buy for to turkey day grocery lists, addresses for mailing out holiday correspondence and fun things I want to do with Lo before this season has passed.

Most importantly, remember to have fun! Do you have any tips for staying sane this season?

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