How to Start A Blog

Today I was asked by an old acquaintance if I had any advice to give on creating a successful lifestyle blog. I'm a total amateur in the style blogesphere and my mommy blog hasn't been around much longer but what little wisdom I have collected, I'd love to share with anyone considering this fabulous venture:

  • Blog about what you know and what you love. It's easy to get caught up in the things that other bloggers are writing at the moment but you know most about the things that are personal to your life, and readers definitely pick up on it!
  • Have your own voice. Your spin on things is important to keep the tone of your blog genuine. If you stray too far from the way you speak, write and think everyday (trying too hard to be "quippy"/ sounding too much like a Wikipedia article) your readers will sense that you're not being true to yourself.
  • Keep the pictures coming and the posts short. I don't know about you but most often, when I'm doing blog reading of my own, I scroll through the pictures and only read text when I'm truly interested. Keep your readers riveted with tons of images!
  • Blog because you love it not for the recognition it gets you. I definitely don't garnish as many readers as some blogs out there (and I turn absolutely no profit, unlike a lot of blogs) but I do it because it provides an outlet for me to be creative. 

In the end, blogging is about putting yourself out there and curating bits of things you love. The hardest part is starting, it's all downhill from there; good luck! 

and because nobody likes a pictureless post, image via The Cherry Blossom Girl by way of Pinterest

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