Honolulu Travel Vlog + Moving To The Marshall Islands

While we were in Hawaii I managed to capture a ton of iPhone clips during different outings and adventures. Last month I made it one of my June goals to become our family's record keeper and collecting videos seemed like the best way to encapsulate our vacation so that we could look back on it for years to come. I've been really enjoying creating these little 8mm vlogs (video blogs) lately and I hope you like seeing things in a different format. Let me know if this is something you'd be interested in seeing moving forward... we recently invested in a new GoPro to shoot all of our underwater hangs and I'd love to share more!

During our stay in Honolulu we managed to check out Waikiki Beach, hang around The Laylow, visit the Polynesian Cultural Center for a luau and do a ton of exploring. I also included our travels to a new island home and a few clips of the scenery around here. I can't wait to show you a bit more of our new space and the island we've been hiding out on!

TravelChelsea Tubbs