Holiday Gift Guide: For The Homebody


One thing I've figured out about myself over the last couple of years is that I'm definitely a homebody... and proud of it. I'm perfectly content to stay in and rarely have as good a time anywhere else. Lucky for me, I happen to have a lot of like-minded friends that I get to buy holiday gifts for.

The perfect picks for the homebodies in your life? A beautiful linen robe to lounge around in (this one from h&m home makes a big impact but won't break the bank... picking up two would be a great gift for your couple friends), a tasty coffee blend and fun home accessories. I kind of obsessed with everything from this 31 bits rainbow range. It's a new to me brand but practical and affordable. I have my friend Natalie's blog to thank for the introduction!

Something else I'm asking for (and probably gifting) this year are spices. We're severely lacking in the spice department on our island and I've been dreaming of flavorful curries lately. You could either go all out and give a friend a the entire set or pick out a few useful spices and attach a favorite recipe for a thoughtful gift. Whatever you decide, the homebody loves something useful yet beautiful. Happy gifting!

HolidayChelsea Tubbs