Happy Friday! + weekly roundup

happy-friday- garance-dore-rifle-paper-co-j.crew-nyfw-porterHappy whickety-whickety-weekend my lovelies! This week was another doozy ladies and gentlemen (are there gentlemen reading? I'm sorry for all of the shoes...). Mr. Jackson's momma left early on Tuesday morning and I quickly crashed due in part to the worst. cold. ever. Nyquil replaced my main man and little girl as BFF number one but I'm feeling so much better now that the weekend (and Valentine's Day) is finally here. We've got big romantic plans to stay in our PJs, pop open some popcorn and watch a few favorite films just as soon as the mister returns from a long day at the office... perfection (especially since we're snowed in)! Another eventful thing this week: my first official bully happened by this happy little corner of the internet. I let her (I'm pretty sure I know who sent the nasty message... WordPress tracks IP addresses, dontcha know) bother me for a few seconds a good, long while and then realized: this blog is so much fun and I'm so thankful for all of the positive feedback and sweet tweets you send me throughout the week. A great big thank you from the bottom of my heart for making Chelsea & The City part of your daily/weekly routine!

Here's what I've been loving this week:

Garance Dore experiences NYFW online behind-the-scenes before J.Crew's presentation at the Lincoln Center speaking of Garance, a sneak peak of her collection with Rifle Paper Co. Porter Spring 2014 & the chicest emojis you'll ever send via Harper's Bazaar