Happy Friday! + weekly roundup

I hope you all had a fabulous and lovely Valentine's Day! Now that the holiday madness has passed I'm looking forward to a little reprieve between gift-buying/making occasions (it's so hard to find the perfect gift sometimes!) and starting to plan something very special (in my head). Hopefully we'll get in some quality time this Saturday & Sunday (Mr. Jackson started a new internship this week so we're starting to miss having him around all the time). I hope this weekend brings you a little leftover holiday affection and plenty of sparkly trinkets!

Here's what I saw and loved this week:

Erika Bearman on The Coveteur and this amazing oscarprgirl / Boaz Mazor interview
the most stylish sneak peek at The Manrepeller aka Leandra Medine's new clothing line
a fab presentation of J Crew fall/winter 2013 at NYFW
The Pink Peonies does Central Park in style

& a new about me for Chelsea & The City!

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