Happy Friday! + weekly roundup

This week was a winding roller-coaster ride of highs and lows. I came down from a love (and maybe chocolate) induced Valentine's Day high to find my normal responsibilities (laundry, housework & adjusting to Mr. Jackson's new work schedule) looming. Just as the week started to come to an end and I began to get my footing, Lorelai was hit by a major stomach bug! I'm now running on exactly three hours of shut eye.

I hope this weekend has total relaxation (and maybe an at home spa night) in the works for me (and for you) and that you have plenty of time to embody what it means to be a 'quaintrelle'! Stop by in hopes of checking out the things I've fancied on the internet this week? Look no further:

the cutest mini coveteurs video complete with a tiny Rachel Zoe (it's bananas!)
a tour I've been waiting for my whole life; Grey & Scout's Liz Bachman on The Glitter Guide
this glamorous Italian wedding complete with a gorgeous black gown over at Green Wedding Shoes
the story of how The Everygirl came to be and a fab office tour
& more NYC engagement shoot inspiration on Style Me Pretty

images via pinterest & tumblr

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