Happy Friday! + weekly roundup

Happy Friday lovelies. I feel like I always say this, but this week has been crazy! All of our praying and hoping (thank you for keeping us in your thoughts) has finally paid off... Mr. Jackson was offered a job yesterday! We had been searching since December and the right thing finally came along. The big changes that I've been teasing about the last few weeks are these: Lo and I will be spending a few months in Los Angeles while Mr. Jackson gets things set up in... Alabama. The South just doesn't want us to leave, ya'll, and I'm okay with that!

If anyone lives near (or has visited) the Huntsville area, please share your recommendations for living, exploring, etc. You can reach me in the comments or at chelseatubbs@gmail.com!

Here's what I've been loving this week:

a super cute and sunshine-y outfit from Rachel at Pink Peonies
... and this one (because they were both too good not to share!)
Kristin Jackson's gorgeous home tour on The Everygirl
Mimi Ikonn's adorable outfit-of-the-day video
& a behind the scenes peek at Jessica Alba's book The Honest Life

photos via tumblr & pinterest