Going Paperless This Holiday Season


Since I spend the majority of my time scouring the web for inspiration and working on various projects online, I think it's pretty safe to say that I'm a tech girl through and through. I'm never far from my phone, spend more time than I care to quantify scrolling through Instagram and keep up with the majority of my IRL friends on Facebook.

When the thought of sending this year's holiday cards struck me, I have to admit, I was more put out than excited. I love the idea of beautiful holiday greetings but honestly, who is that on top of things?! I can barely make time to prepare for our own little family celebrations let alone clue everyone in on our year and wish distant relations a Happy Holiday via snail mail. Especially since our postal situation is less than desirable these days (damn this island life... jk), sending traditional holiday cards seemed a little futile this year. Enter, Paperless Post, the perfect solution to my post office woes.

Sending holiday e-cards instead of traditional paper cards allowed me to deliver a little happy to the inboxes of my loved ones without having to stress over stamps or scrawl out a million messages the old fashioned way. Are you thinking of going paperless this year? Keep reading for my tips for maintaining the holiday magic even when you're going digital.

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1. Pick a card that you love - There are a ton of styles to choose from but you can't beat something timeless and minimal. I poured through the many pages of holiday cards that are available on Paperless Post but, in the end, I was always drawn to the same type of greeting: simple, with room for a family photo and and a small pop of gold. I also love illustrated cards and cards with sassy sayings but I can't pass up an excuse to include Lo's sweet smile.

2. Be inclusive - Whenever I send out holiday cards (or even give greetings in person), I like to be inclusive of everyone's beliefs. Sticking to "Happy Holidays" or a cute "Merry Everything" is a small way to ensure that everyone in your address books feels equally loved on.

3. Include a lengthier note in your email - eCards don't leave a ton of room for jotting down your yearly recap but that's what email is for! You can always include a longer, more personal note in the body of your message.

4. Print it out - Sometimes it's nice to corral all of your holiday cards in one place. We display ours on the refrigerator but I've seen a ton of cute ideas floating around Pinterest... as is usually the case with holiday crafts. For those who absolutely must put their holiday greetings on display, there's always the printer. I ran our card through our printer and it's ready for its close-up!

* Paperless Post was kind enough to supply me with credit towards our cards this year but this is not a compensated post. As always, the thoughts and recommendations on this space are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Hazel + Scout possible.

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