An Honest Glossier Review, One Year Later


Ah, Glossier, the cosmetics and skincare brand that spawned an endless sea of inspiration and fan girls (myself included) all over the world. There's just something about the line that always pulls me in and I'm excited to share, after a year of using these products, my honest opinions on all of the hype.

The brain child of super muse Emily Weiss and an offshoot of her wildly successful website Into The Gloss, Glossier is a range of beauty products created and tested by industry insiders looking to re-frame the focus of the beauty industry. At Glossier "skin is in" and minimalism is the name of the game. With pared down necessities (think light coverage makeup and nourishing cleansers, balms and lotions) Glossier encapsulates its ethos: skin first, makeup second.

the rundown

I've been using Glossier products for more than a year and through tropical climates and big life changes, I've done my fair share of testing them for you. A few of the items are HOLY GRAIL products and a few of them I could honestly do without. Keeping reading for my recommendations and a link for 10% off your first order!


products I've tried - ranked

  1. milky jelly cleanser
  2. stretch concealer
  3. priming moisturizer
  4. boy brow
  5. generation g
  6. balm dot com
  7. perfecting skin tint


products I want to try - ranked

  1.  cloud paint
  2. the supers
  3. masks
  4. haloscope
  5. wowder
  6. priming moisturizer rich
  7. invisible sheild

milky jelly cleanser & priming moisturizer - These two go hand in hand for me! Milky Jelly Cleanser is one of my all-time favorite face-washes because it's gentle on my skin and leaves me feeling completely clean. It's a great makeup-melter (does that make sense?) and I always feel like I've managed to scrub the day off when I'm done using it. Follow it up with the Priming Moisturizer (a simple, fuss free face lotion that works well but does the same thing as my beloved Embryolisse) and you're ready to go! I'm eager to try the Priming Moisturizer Rich for something a little more nourishing.

stretch concealer - I love this product and wear it every single day (some days in combination with a tinted moisturizer or the Perfecting Skin Tint and sometimes on its own)! While the coverage is light, I find it really illuminating and similar to YSL's Touche Eclat (one of my holy grail products). It's best for under-eyes but works on blemishes in a pinch. I currently have the "light" shade and REALLY need to upgrade to "medium: after our summer in the sun.

boy brow - This product is a cult favorite for a reason. Boy Brow does a great job of grooming eyebrows and giving you a clean look without using a crazy pencil for sculpting. I will say, you have to be confident in your brow shape already to use this product alone. Since my brows are kind of sparse, I often find myself filling in with a pencil and then applying Boy Brow on top.

generation g - I wish I had more of these! Build-able. Easy. Pigmented. This product is a mix between a lip stain and a lip balm. They're super creamy but colorful enough to feel like you're wearing more of a product than chapstick. I have 'Like" and "Cake" in my cart.

perfecting skin tint - Skip it unless you want to feel like you're wearing makeup without much of the coverage of wearing makeup. I think of this product as "twelve year old tries foundation for the first time".

balm dot com - Super fun and nourishing for your lips! "Birthday Balm Dot Com" seems like a flavor I need to get my hands on and overall these balms are perfect for keeping at your desk or throwing in your purse.

three things I'm getting ASAP: cloud paint in haze and beam, the supers & the moisturizing moon mask


"beauty should be fun, easy, imperfect, and personal. Above all, we believe that you give life to products - products don't breathe life into you." - emily weiss

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* this post was not sponsored by glossier - all opinions are 100% my own and all products were purchased by me (not PR samples)

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