Give Thanks

sleepy-fox-photography-chlsea-and-the-city-aislerchic-thanksgiving-pic-nic-inspiration (31).jpg
sleepy-fox-photography-chlsea-and-the-city-aislerchic-thanksgiving-pic-nic-inspiration (31).jpg

target hat, cotton on sweater, j.crew silk cami,
zara denim, little lambs eat ivy necklace,
frye boots c/o belk

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am feeling so thankful for all of the wonderful ways my life has changed this year! There are amazing projects on the horizon and I'm almost knocked over every time I sit and think of how truly blessed I became in 2014. I am (finally) engaged to my best friend and I'm so contented to have found my friend soul-mates. Lo is growing steadily and has such an intense love for discovering the world around her. I am lucky enough to pour my heart into my work everyday and I have never been more excited to see where the world takes me and my little family. We are fortunate to have food in our bellies and places to lay our heads down every night. I have given my all to this little corner of the internet this year and have been so pleasantly shocked by the incredible community that has come of it. I am truly thankful for every single one of you that stops by every once in a while and shares this journey with me.

Tomorrow I have a very special Friendsgiving picnic to share with you but in the meantime, thank you for stopping by and for keeping me inspired to keep going. This blog has changed my world and I am so very appreciative.

p.s. How perfectly festive/relevant is this sweet necklace? It reads, "Give Thanks" and a dear family friend is responsible for its existence.