Pinspiration + Weekly Links


This week is over... thank god! Mercury has been in retrograde lately and I'm SO ready for things to settle back into a good place. Car trouble, fleas for Stanley, work stressors and MAJOR embarrassing moments (a cringe-worthy story for another time) have made for a pretty awful week. However, it's all coming to head because I'm directing a runway show on Sunday and I can finally take a deep breath as soon as it's over.
With things so hectic lately, I've had so little time for blogging. Come on quiet, slow Autumn... I'm ready to hunker down and create a little summin' summin'.

Without further ado, a few links I've loved daydreaming about (here and here)
inside Nadia Rosa's beauty routine with The File
Sophia Amoruso on how to be a #girlboss
Georgia Fowler's (beautiful) face in motion via Russh
the one product routine with Aimee Bayliss
in the kitchen with Naz and Garance Dore
& a stunning editorial by Wolf Cub Chronicles

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