Five Things

I decided to take cues from some of my favorite bloggers (namely Emily at Cupcakes and Cashmere) and recap the little things that made me happy this week. It was a pretty uneventful and lowkey week that involved a change in the weather (Central Florida is now officially a part of Fall), a lot of online shopping and a very badly fractured left hand(!).

A trip to the drugstore for a new Fall hair color (Chocolate Cherry, which turned out to be much more chocolatey and a little less cherry-y) also brought three new nail shades for Autumn.


With a lot of new changes happening for both of my blogs I finally had a chance to write in my Missoni for Target notebook (the only thing I was able to pick up from the collection). I love that it's so chic and only a notebook.

On Friday Mr. Jackson skipped school and opted to stay in bed; little bit and I made him a surprise breakfast with this recipe. While they're cute, they are definitely not my favorite breakfast treat!

With the Mad Men craze (and subsequently The Playboy Club obsession and PanAm adoration) so came my lust for a bar cart. Mr. Jackson and I don't drink often so it's mainly for me too look at lovingly, but I am slowly starting my bar cart/tray collection.

And finally, it's October, which means I can officially begin decorating and counting down for Halloween!