First Looks: Kate Spade Fall/Winter 2014

kate-spade=fall-winter-2014-nyfwYesterday I shared a seriously cool tomboy inspired collection (J.Crew's lineup for Fall/Winter 2014) but today I'm loving looks from the opposite end of the spectrum! Kate Spade's creative director, Deborah Lloyd, brought it home for all of my girly sisters with her newest crop of must-haves... Bountiful shades of blush, ladylike layers and enough bows, sequins & feathers to fill my dream craft closet dominated this collection (with a few jewel tones mixed in for fun). Where J.Crew was a free-form, mix-n-match ordeal, Kate Spade is polished, proper and perfect for the woman who has got it all figured out... and is late for tea.






Which collection are you loving?

images via here & here