Fall Essentials: Leather Details

clockwise from left: fluted skirt, paneled leather tee, trimmed peplum, ballet slippers, robinson middy satchel, tassel keychain

Lately, I've been having a love affair... with leather. I just can't get enough edgy details and elbow patches! While it's still too warm (aren't you tired of hearing that from me?) to go full-on Ross Gellar, I find that I can sneak in a quickie (leather detail) if I stick to trimmed tees and timeless touches. Until I'm ready to break-up, leather is a fall essential because of its luxe qualities and moody attitude!

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  1. J Crew Merino Leather Pocket Sweater
  2. Tory Burch Robinson Mini Square Tote
  3. J Crew Fluted Skirt
  4. J Crew Biella Tassel Loafers
  5. J Crew Crystal Icicle Bracelet
  6. J Crew Marlie Purse in Tweed
  7. Madewell Leather-Trim Henley
  8. J Crew Pixie Pant in Leather Tuxedo Stripe
  9. J Crew Collection Denim Jacket
  10. J Crew Aggie Suede Ankle Boots

Chelsea Tubbs