Explore: Imogene + Willie | Nashville, TN

"Explore" is back (we hope you enjoyed last week's peek at the Anthropologie Fashion Show) and today Aissa, Ginny and I are sharing the second stop of our trip to Nashville, Imogene + Willie...


photos by Sleepy Fox Photography

Imogene + Willie is just one of those spaces you walk into and immediately feel at home. These Tennessee makers do denim and they do it well in a revamped gas station that also houses found treasures, accessories and small stations for both Warby Parker and Aesop.

Sometimes a story just sticks with you, as is the case with Carrie and Matt's quest to create, sell and develop a community around good jeans (watch theirs here). I+W is, at its heart, a story of the American dream and what's more American than a great transformative pair of denim?

Carefully curated and filled to the brim with special little touches (like the original sign from when the space was Granny White Service Station), Imogene + Willie has grown to become one of my favorite new places to visit. Don't forget to stop by Aislerchic for Aissa's take on our trip!

See my shopping picks below:
p.s. I'm crazy for the "Elizabeth" denim!

clockwise from left: hat, elizabeth indigo, muscle tee, imogene slim, speedshop tee

A huge thank you to the Imogene + Willie team in Nashville for letting us roam the space, talking me through the amazing tailoring process and being the very picture (literally) of Southern hospitality!