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Hi! Hello! How are you? I realized this week that I haven't really been sharing a ton of products lately. While I LOVE heavier topics and personal essays, sometimes it's nice to blog about all the things I'm loving at the moment. One of my favorite ways to connect to the bloggers I love is through their recommendations for things I might also enjoy so here are a few for the month of February:

Spotify | I've been seriously addicted to curating playlists lately! I've been putting together a monthly soundtrack consistently for almost a year and I even gave my account a little makeover this weekend. Horray for matching covers... it's the little things! If you're into music (seriously, I listen to EVERYTHING so there's a little something for everybody) hop on over to spotify.

Millk | I'm always scouting new places to find adorable clothes for little ones and millk is definitely on my radar right now. Beautiful neutrals, comfortable basics and the sweetest imagery... I'm all for it. I've got the slightest touch of baby fever right now (there's nothing cooking in this over though!) and I love seeing their photos pop up on my Instagram feed.

realistic marketing | The last year or so has been a big reckoning in the way I feel about my body and it's due in part to all of the beautiful variation in the bodies I'm seeing crop up in my world. Visibility is so important and seeing women that look the way I do representing products is refreshing and inspiring. A couple companies that are doing a great job expanding our view of beauty are Undone and Girlfriend Collective. Know of some more? Please share them with me!

vinyl | I seem to fall in and out of love with listening to our small record collection. With Amazon's Alexa taking up space on our kitchen counter and the aforementioned Spotify constantly at my fingertips, it often feels easier to listen to tunes in a digital format. But there's something so special about vinyl! I've been loving popping on a record this month... specifically motown, soul and classic r&b like Nina Simone.

Seeing Allred | Netflix knows how to make an epic documentary... I watched Seeing Allred today and knew immediately that I wanted to share. Gloria Allred is a total badass and I loved finding out even more reasons to love her. Watch it... you won't be sorry!

Haim in Notion Magazine | Haim came onto my radar pretty late in the game. I saw them on an episode of Chelsea Handler's Netflix talk show and again in this amazing cover of Shania Twain's 'That Don't Impress Me Much" (OMFG) and I kind of fell in love with the cool girl power / sisterhood vibes they have going on! When I scrolled past this awesome photo spread for Notion Mag they cemented a place in my own personal Rolodex of style icons as well.

going makeup free | Kind of hand in hand with body positivity, I've spent a lot of time recently finding ways to be comfortable in my own skin lately. This means that I spend fewer and fewer days applying makeup or trying to cover up the features that make me unique and instead try my hardest to let my skin breathe. Although I wish I looked as fresh as Phoebe Tonkin (above), I'm learning to love my product free face this month!

poketo's project planner | A lot of new projects have come into my life recently and I was needing to get organized in the worst way possible. Enter the Poketo Project Planner... When this pretty pink notebook showed up in our mailbox this week I did a happy dance! If Lisa Says Gah suggests something, 9 times out of 10, I'm going for it and this planner is no exception.

everything glossier | Whenever I do feel like applying a little makeup or reaching for my skincare staples, it's always Glossier. I just placed a big order and am eagerly awaiting a couple of new goodies that I just know will be favorites for the rest of the month. If there's one thing I can count on, it's Glossier.  (image via)

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