Easter Prep

Now that St. Patrick's Day is officially behind us, I'm free to start obsessing over planning Easter! Easter is a fabulous holiday, if only for the pretty pastels and fistfuls of Russel Stover's Marshmallow Eggs (Funny story, I've been obsessed with these delicious treats since I was little. So obsessed that I freak out and search every grocery store/Target/Walgreens/etc every year at the first sight of Easter displays. Last year, after not being able to find them anywhere, I may or may not have seriously considered buying them in bulk on Amazon. We've gone through two cartons so far this year, ha!). I love the airy, Spring-y-ness of Easter. In fact, Lorelai is practicing her egg finding skills right now with her little basket and 100 plastic eggs.

This year we'll be doing the traditional Easter Bunny basket unloading/egg hunt/brunch combo and I'd love to be wearing this gorgeous shift dress and neon tweed jacket. The holiday is the perfect time to bring out your florals (like these fab Liberty print heels and a cute dress for Lorelai) and greet the season head on.

We're trying out these sequin eggs this year! What are you planning this Easter?

  1. J Crew Amanda Cotton Tweed Jacket
  2. J Crew Crepe Mini Dress
  3. J Crew Crystal Circle Necklace
  4. J Crew Everly Liberty Art Fabrics Pumps
  5. Jellycat Pudge Bunny
  6. Crewcuts Poplin Bubble Dress in Neon Azalea Tea Rose
  7. The Cambridge Satchel Company Large Leather Satchel
  8. Quill & Fox Egg Painting Card

 image via Torie Jayne