Down to the River (Dressing Your Bridesmaids)

I'm so beyond excited to share the EXCLUSIVE full editorial from today's A Blogger Gets Married post on Green Wedding Shoes. The team at GWS loved yesterday's double fishtail braids so much that they're posting all of the details on their site (head over here to check that out).

This shoot was one of the dreamiest projects I have ever had a hand in creating and I just love how the gorgeous photos turned out. Continue reading for a little insight into all things bridesmaids and stay tuned this week for the remaining two boho hairstyles...

Bridesmaid dresses vary so much from one wedding to another and choosing frocks for your best-day-ever can be a huge undertaking. While traditional gowns in the same shade will always be classic, I’m so excited to see brides (like me) opting for a little update on tradition!

I have five beautiful friends, each with their own unique personal style, accompanying me down the aisle in September. Because I wanted their dresses to tell a story of all the special reasons I love each one of them so much, I asked my girls to select their own white dress (with a little direction from me) from Free People. In keeping with the relaxed, bohemian feel of our day, Free People’s pieces are light, airy and laid-back… just like my sweet friends.

Top 3 reasons to consider letting your girls choose their own bridesmaids gowns:

1. They can wear them again! Gone are the days of maids dresses that will live in the back of closets. Letting your friends choose their own frocks allows them to add something cool to their wardrobes that they can recycle for years to come.

2. They can choose something to flatter their unique shape. I have fabulous friends of all shapes and sizes. Letting each girl decide on her own dress allows each one to shine and feel comfortable. No one-size-fits-all mentality here!

3. Budget restrictions can be hard to accommodate when every bridesmaid has to shell out the same amount of money for her gown. Giving your girls the freedom to determine their own budget (and find something that fits your day within that number) relieves some of the financial stress that often comes with agreeing to be part of a wedding party.

Whatever the reason, bridesmaids with different dresses are a cool way to incorporate a little personality into your day.  I love the eclectic look of a wedding party dressed in similar shades (we went with white) and different styles!

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Photography: Sleepy Fox Photography
Styling & Videography: Hazel & Scout
Hair: Twiggy Romei
Floral Design: Simpsons Florist
Dress: Free People
Model: Rebecca Tillman, Rachel Gelmis & Brynae Goldsmith