Dressing The Groom (featured on GWS)

Choosing wedding day attire for your groom can be a challenge, especially if your fiancé isn’t exactly hung up on the details. With a little patience and a few tips (see our series on Green Wedding Shoes for mine), dressing the groom can be a piece of [wedding] cake.

sleepy-fox-photography-san-francisco-wedding-photographer-green-wedding-shoes-dressing-the-groom-stylist-hazel-and-scout-fashion-blogger- (15).jpg

As our wedding creeps closer, we're starting to get all of the little details in order. Ainsworth's suit was definitely new territory for me (and we've since decided to do away with the suit and switch things up a bit more non-traditionally) because menswear is a little less exciting than I'm used to. I'm so grateful for a supportive man who is up for braving GWS with me.

jacket, pants, tie & tie-clip by J.Crew
photography: Sleepy Fox Photography, styling & boutonniere: Hazel + Scout

Chelsea Tubbs