DIY Metallic Alphabet Magnets


"Influential" Print via A Beautiful Rawr

Sometimes it's hard to find beautiful things for little ones! Since Lorelai has been working on learning her ABC's lately, we had a ton of these colorful plastic alphabet magnets littering our refrigerator. While I'm all for smart play and listening to Lo recite "double-oo ex" while I prepare dinner each night melts my heart, I'm not the biggest fan of loud colors or tacky toys. Enter a little inspiration from Pinterest, a few coats of my favorite metallic spray paint (don't forget to spray from every angle so you coat the entire letter) and we now have a few sets of shiny magnets that are perfect for practicing our ABCs AND leaving Mr. Jackson sweet notes in the morning.

p.s. How fun is this print?! I won a giveaway on Linh's blog a while ago and was so excited to add it to my workspace.